The scoop about equipment!

Every sport we offer requires equipment. For some sports, equipment is provided on-site. For others, you will need to bring your own or rent some from SSC.

Do I pay for my equipment?

For a TEAM, we have plenty of equipment here for you to borrow! We've tried to make it as easy for you as possible. You pay a deposit and then you get to borrow the equipment. Use it for as long as you want. When you bring it back, we'll give you the deposit back. Easy!

As an INDIVIDUAL, all the equipment is provided as part of your registration fee. The only exception is for Soccer - Co-Ed 6's Outdoor CHERRY BEACH, where you will have to provide a $100 equipment deposit for the net, soccer ball, and pylons.Please check out the table below to find out if you need to rent equipment, bring your own, or if the equipment is provided on-site. For equipment that you need to rent from SSC, please note that it is your team's responsibility to pick it up before your first game. Please communicate with your teammates to make sure this is covered.

How do I get (or bring back) my equipment?

Remember, in all cases, someone from your team must come and pick up the equipment! For Fall leagues there are a few options for you to collect your equipment:

1. Our Office: We are located here and are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

2. Awards Night: We will be hosting our upcoming awards night for the Summer season on Tuesday, September 12th at Jack Astor’s on John St. If you would like to drop off or pick up any equipment, please email More details can be found here:

3. Downtown Equipment Night: We hosted a Downtown Equipment Pick Up Night on Tuesday, August 29th at St. Michael's College School (1515 Bathurst St.) between 6pm-8pm. Please email to reserve any equipment you would like to pick up or drop off at the awards night.

4. After Hours Pick-Up: We now have an after hours pick up option at our office between 5pm and 6pm. These dates will include September 5th, September 19th, and September 26th. Please email to confirm your attendance.


Sport League Equipment Needed Rental Deposit
All Sorts of Sports Co-Ed (Indoor/Outdoor) Numerous to cover all sports $100

Co-Ed (The Hangar) Numerous to cover all sports
Basketball Co-Ed Basketball (Bring Your Own)N/A
Men's Basketball (Bring Your Own)N/A
Women'sBasketball (Bring Your Own)N/A
DodgeballCo-Ed (Indoor/Outdoor)2 DodgeballsIncluded in Registration

Floor Hockey

Co-EdSticks and Balls (On-Site)
Goalie Equipment (Bring Your Own)


Co-Ed (The Hangar)Sticks, Balls & Goalie Equipment (On-Site)N/A

Men'sSticks, Balls (On-Site)
Goalie Equipment (Bring Your Own)
Football Co-Ed Flag (Indoor/Outdoor)Flags, Football & Pylons$75

Men's Touch (Indoor/Outdoor)Football (Bring Your Own)N/A
Ice HockeyMen's Numerous (Bring Your Own) N/A

Women's Numerous (Bring Your Own)N/A
Inner Tube Water Polo Co-EdBall & Tubes (On-Site)N/A
Co-Ed Bases, Kickball & Pylons $75
Soccer Co-Ed (Indoor/Outdoor)Soccer Ball (Bring Your Own)N/A
Co-Ed 6's Outdoor CHERRY BEACHNet, Soccer Ball & Pylons $250
($100 for INDY)
Men's (Indoor/Outdoor) Soccer Ball (Bring Your Own) N/A
Women's (Indoor/Outdoor)Soccer Ball (Bring Your Own)N/A
Softball All LeaguesBats & Gloves (Bring Your Own)N/A
Co-Ed (Outdoor)Balls & Bases$75 / $150 plus HST (Borrow/Purchase)

Co-Ed (Indoor) Balls & Bases (On-Site)N/A
Men's Balls & Bases (On-Site)


UltimateCo-Ed (Indoor/Outdoor) Disc & Pylons$25

Co-Ed Outdoor 5's (St. Michael's College/Downsview) Disc (Bring Your Own)N/A
Volleyball (Beach)Co-Ed (Indoor/Outdoor)Volleyball (On-Site)N/A
Volleyball (Court) Co-EdVolleyball (On-Site)N/A
Women's Volleyball (On-Site)


Want to purchase?

If you are looking to purchase any equipment to keep for future seasons or for personal use, we do sell some equipment. Please email or give us a call for more information.

For outdoor softball, you will need to bring your own bat and gloves. Three softballs are included in your team fee. If you wish to purchase additional softballs, we sell them for $5 (plus HST).

For dodgeball, your team registration includes 2 brand new dodgeballs! Take good care of them though. If they need to be replaced, we sell them for $27 each (plus HST).

Do we need Jerseys/Uniforms?

The majority of our leagues do not require uniforms (But we encourage you to get them if you want!). There are a few exceptions for our officiated leagues:

Co-Ed, Men's & Women's Officiated Basketball leagues

You are required to wear a jersey with a number on the front and the back in order to play in our Co-Ed, Men's and Women's Officiated Basketball leagues. We sell them for $30.00 (plus HST), if your team needs some. If you signed up as an INDIVIDUAL, your registration includes a jersey and will be dropped off to you at your first game.

Ice Hockey

You are required to wear a jersey with a number on the back in order to play in our Men's and Women's Officiated Hockey leagues. If you signed up as an INDIVIDUAL, your registration includes a jersey and will be dropped off to you at your first game.